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Sorghum Smart Talk

Sorghum Smart Talk features useful information and provides credible resources relating to the sorghum industry in order to benefit sorghum growers, industry stakeholders and all agriculturalists!

Oct 14, 2018

Our guest Florentino Lopez, Sorghum Checkoff executive director sits down with John Duff, Sorghum Checkoff renewables program director to discuss the Sorghum Checkoff past, present and future. 

We get to learn a little more about Lopez's background and how he found his way to the Sorghum Checkoff. Lopez began his career in the swine industry and uses his previous experiences as a tool in improving the Sorghum Checkoff for producers, end-users and consumers.

Duff and Lopez discuss the different program areas of the Sorghum Checkoff and goals for the future of the sorghum industry. Lopez also played a key role in the decision to include a series on marketing in Sorghum Smart Talk and gives his perspective on why making informed decisions impacts your farming operation.

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