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Sorghum Smart Talk

Sorghum Smart Talk features useful information and provides credible resources relating to the sorghum industry in order to benefit sorghum growers, industry stakeholders and all agriculturalists!

Aug 31, 2020

This week, we visited with Sorghum Checkoff Agronomy Director Brent Bean, Ph.D., and Crop Improvement Director Justin Weinheimer, Ph.D., about the sorghum industry’s battle with the sugarcane aphid. When these pests appeared in 2015, they created the perfect storm to be extremely detrimental to the domestic sorghum supply. Thanks to the Sorghum Checkoff's work in conjunction with private industry, public institutions and the sorghum supply chain, the industry was able to recover in a big way and farmers are more effectively managing the pest. Learn more about how far we have come in combating the sugarcane aphid on this week’s episode of Sorghum Smart Talk!