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Sorghum Smart Talk

Sorghum Smart Talk features useful information and provides credible resources relating to the sorghum industry in order to benefit sorghum growers, industry stakeholders and all agriculturalists!

Feb 11, 2019

In this episode sorghum farmer and Leadership Sorghum Class II graduate Greg Glover from Amarillo, Texas, along with Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Economist Mark Welch, Ph.D., join us to discuss the Master Marketer program taking place in Lubbock, Texas, this year and their perspective on grain marketing today. 

Glover discusses his current marketing tools and strategies as well as what he plans to implement in the future. Welch shares the goals of the Master Marketer program through Texas A&M AgriLife Extension and other resources farmers can take advantage of to help formulate their marketing plan based on their operation.