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Sorghum Smart Talk

Sorghum Smart Talk features useful information and provides credible resources relating to the sorghum industry in order to benefit sorghum growers, industry stakeholders and all agriculturalists!

May 29, 2019

Sorghum Checkoff Quarterly Report

2nd Quarter

Jan.-March 2019


Time Stamps: 

00:10 - Welcome - Florentino Lopez, Executive Director
02:35 - Communications Direct - Jennifer Blackburn, External Affairs Director
05:45 - Crop Improvement - Justin Weinheimer, Crop Improvement Director
13:55 - Market Development - Doug...

May 27, 2019

Today we honor the fallen and thank those who have served our country on this episode of Sorghum Smart Talk. Listen in as we discuss the SAVE farm program with Josh and Julia Debes from Hoisington, Kansas, as well as crop outlook for their region this year.

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May 20, 2019

In this episode we visit with Team Sorghum interns past and present. National Sorghum Producers and the Sorghum Checkoff are shaping tomorrow's leaders and investing in the next generation of agricultural advocates. Listen in to hear about their unique experiences and opportunities.

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May 13, 2019

In this episode we discuss a career in agriculture media with Tyne Morgan, host of the U.S. Farm Report. Tyne gives us some great insight on her college experience and the value of internships. She also presents her opinion on the use of social media and the importance of family.

Tyne began broadcasting at the young age...

May 10, 2019

In this episode we visit with Dan O'Bien, Ph.D., Associate Professor in the Department of Agricultural Economics at Kansas State University. O'Brien gives an update on sorghum exports, current prices, basis, how trade negotiations are affecting these and marketing options farmers can utilize in this...